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N.I.C.C. Carbon Fiber Lite shaft with N.I.C.C. head strung.

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Description. The finest carbon fiber and fiber lay up and modling process yeilds a superb shaft that is durable (tested by a top NCAA division 1 school) as well as our durability testing. Ultra lite weight makes it easy and less stressful during play. The duarability outlasts alloy shafts that bend. The load engineered shaft allows the player to get increased speed. Combine our quailty head unstrung for a super package price on pre- orders $110.00 2 or more $100.00 each. 120 day warantee against failure under normal use . Shafts from some competetors that are not as good cost $140 or more .Heads are in the $79.00 - $89.00 range. Get the N.I.C.C. advantage. Our quality and value is second to none.

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